Doctor Who Season 9 Thoughts: Heaven Sent and Hell Bent



Though this two-parter wraps up an exceptionally strong season, it almost feels blasphemous to review them side by side. Each is a continuation of the same story, but they could not be more tonally diverse. Their reception has been equally polarizing. While one is regaled as the best that Doctor Who has to offer, the other is as divisive as the first is loved.

What lies behind the crystal wall? The spoilers after the cut reveal all.

Robyn’s Picks for 2015: The Honorable Mentions



For SideQuesting, I was asked to construct a list of my five favorite games in 2015. Even though I’m happy with my picks, not all of my favorite games are listed, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t give due credit where it is deserved. Some of these games were edged out of my original list by a smidge of difference; perhaps they took up less of my time, or perhaps I didn’t get around to fully completing them.

So, without further ado, here are five more of my favorite games from 2015.

Doctor Who Season 9 Thoughts: Face the Raven


FACE THE RAVEN (By Sarah Dollard)

After the small blemish that was “Sleep No More,” Doctor Who‘s ninth season returns to nearly pristine form with this latest episode. “Face the Raven” is not for the faint of heart, however. What begins as a whodunnit story quickly takes a dark turn, and no one is safe from the raven’s pursuit.

Be brave. All is spoiled below the cut.

Doctor Who Season 9 Thoughts: Sleep No More




“Sleep No More” is an interesting diversion from the usual Doctor Who formula. Using a found-footage format, the episode seeks to live up to the promise in its title by offering scares and spooks a-plenty. However, it proved to be a hard sale after the excellent Zygon two-parter.

If you want to know whether the episode kept me awake in fear or left me feeling crusty-eyed from boredom, keep reading. If you’re the sort to lose sleep over spoilers, stay away.

Doctor Who Season 9 Thoughts: The Zygon Invasion and Inversion



“The Zygon Invasion” and “The Zygon Inversion” are a power-house pair of episodes. Not only do they tackle a difficult topic, but they also continue the story of the 50th Anniversary episode in a satisfying fashion. Several familiar faces return, and other faces are hijacked by zygons in a decidedly less welcomed fashion.

Don’t read below the cut if you don’t wish to know who is human, who is zygon, and who may be both.