Extra Life Returns: Co-Op Resident Evil 5&6 Marathon


Last year, I played Amnesia and the Walking Dead for 25 hours in order to generate funds for Extra Life. I ended up raising 150% percent of my goal, meaning that my team donated over one thousand dollars to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. This was a relatively humble portion of the $50k in funds that Extra Lifers raised for Atlanta alone.  These funds went directly to the Sibley Heart Center in Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, which treats over 42-thousand children annually. So, you can say that this cause is good for the heart (in more ways than one).

This year, Goodman and Robyn are back at it with bigger goals and ambitions. Rather than going solo, we are doing a 24hr co-op livestream of Resident Evil 5&6. In order to succeed, we need YOUR help!

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The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 5: No Going Back Review

clementine alone

The Walking Dead’s second season reached its harrowing end last week.  If you’d like to read my spoiler-free review, you can find it at SideQuesting. I gave it 5/5 stars. You’ll have to read the full review for yourself to find out why.

It was a difficult review to write because, as a season finale, its most noteworthy features were also the most spoilerrific. I’ve opted to write up my spoiler-ridden impressions under the cut. Read at your own risk.

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Faith, Hope, and Moon Dust: Destiny Beta Impressions


Destiny Moon Mission

My opinion of Destiny can be defined by its detritus in the real world as much as anything that I write below. Any rating that I might give the game is meaningless next to the number of minutes that I sat in traffic, patiently going from store to store in hopes of nabbing a Ghost Edition. Somewhere, at one of the many Gamestops in town, there’s a forgotten deposit on a pre-order. I bought it with weary looking dollar bills and a fistful of  change. I already had a bigger deposit on a pre-order elsewhere; this one was just to ensure that I had beta codes for both consoles when the time came.

This degree of loyalty and enthusiasm is usually reserved for established franchises–those series which have proven their merit through multiple sequels. With Destiny, it just took the Alpha to hook me. The Beta drew the line taut, and now I find myself being (willingly) reeled in towards an uncharacteristic launch-day purchase.

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The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 4: Amid the Ruins Review

telltale walking dead bonnie

The Walking Dead’s latest episode “Amid the Ruins” is host to a few of the series’ finest—and most heartbreaking—moments. Despite the episode’s preoccupation with things in ruin (as its title suggests), the episode is equally concerned with building things up. Dialogue returns as the gameplay’s focus, which allows for some great moments of character development. The episode’s primary tension—which revolves around the crumbling ties of Clementine’s group—relentlessly drives the plot towards the climatic season finale. These traits are best understood in the context of the episodes that preceded “Amid the Ruins,” so this review heavily spoils the events of past episodes (though you’ll find no Episode 4 spoilers).

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Transistor Review: Seeing Red

supergiant games red art

For a game with a silent protagonist, the world of Transistor is saturated with its leading lady’s voice. The songstress Red’s lyrics swell from the game’s soundtrack. When players take advantage of the gameplay’s Turn feature, Red hums to herself as players plot out her plan of attack. Even Transistor’s reveal trailer from last March spotlights the vocal talents of Supergiant Games’ latest protagonist (voiced by the inimitable Ashley Barrett).

Transistor may give its heroine many ways to make her voice heard, but it leaves me speechless.

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