Game of the Year: The Games that Could’ve Been



If you’re interested in my picks for Game of the Year , you can read my list over at SideQuesting.

Here, my intent is not to list my games of the year, but the games that, in an alternate reality, could’ve made my list. Regardless of whether I never got around to them due to concerns of time or money, these are games that I feel are nevertheless worthy of some recognition.

Elegy for a Dead World Review & Sample



At last, a palate cleanser: Elegy for a Dead World is a marked departure from typical game formulas. As a game about writing, it is preoccupied with the arduous tasks of exploration and explanation. It puts you–the player–in the shoes of the sole survivor of a space exploration mission. Gameplay revolves solely around you observing scenic artwork and interpreting what you see, leaving the onus of memorializing dead civilizations on your shoulders. I had the pleasure of reviewing the game, and you can read my review in its entirety on Sidequesting. Below, you can read what I wrote for one of the worlds in the game.

Extra Life Returns: Co-Op Resident Evil 5&6 Marathon



Last year, I played Amnesia and the Walking Dead for 25 hours in order to generate funds for Extra Life. I ended up raising 150% percent of my goal, meaning that my team donated over one thousand dollars to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. This was a relatively humble portion of the $50k in funds that Extra Lifers raised for Atlanta alone.  These funds went directly to the Sibley Heart Center in Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, which treats over 42-thousand children annually. So, you can say that this cause is good for the heart (in more ways than one).

This year, Goodman and Robyn are back at it with bigger goals and ambitions. Rather than going solo, we are doing a 24hr co-op livestream of Resident Evil 5&6. In order to succeed, we need YOUR help!

Just in Time for Pumpkin Spice: Horror Games I Want

Guest Posts

pt ghost The following is a guest post by Lily Xavier. She is an engineer and avid videogamer. She’s starting work on a new ePublisher called Drift Reunion Media and blogs at her own site,

Remember a year ago when I wrote about the sad lack of big name horror games? It seems like my prayers are going to be answered! Of course, this doesn’t mean that I’m not stoked about the indy games coming my way either. In fact, the indy games outnumber the big names on my list, though this time it’s more because of the vast number of good indy studios compared to the big name players and not an absence of big name games. Atmospheric, jump scares, and everything in between, it seems like I’m going to be playing horror games far into the summer and I couldn’t be happier.  Move over, Five Nights at Freddy’s, there’s going to be a new jump scare in my heart soon enough. I’m also going to publicly apologize to Outlast for making so much fun of it. Whistleblower was an EXCELLENT expansion and fixed about 80% of the problems I had with the end of the game. I’m sorry I doubted you, Red Barrels Studio. I’ll do a full review of Outlast/Whistleblower as soon as I am able. There are some BIG NAMES coming to play in the horror game, not least among them Shinji Mikami. Here’s my wish list for upcoming horror games:

The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 5: No Going Back Review


clementine alone

The Walking Dead’s second season reached its harrowing end last week.  If you’d like to read my spoiler-free review, you can find it at SideQuesting. I gave it 5/5 stars. You’ll have to read the full review for yourself to find out why.

It was a difficult review to write because, as a season finale, its most noteworthy features were also the most spoilerrific. I’ve opted to write up my spoiler-ridden impressions under the cut. Read at your own risk.