This Blog Post is Kinda Weird on the Internet: Thoughts about Felicia Day’s Memoir



As a kid, reading well past my bedtime was a point of pride. I would sit in my dark bedroom, my sheets a tent over my head, and read book after book by flashlight. I suspect that my parents knew about this rebellious behavior. One birthday, they bought me a clip-on book lights. It was the dragon Norbert from the Harry Potter series, and the bulb spewed light from his maw like fire. The tool was well suited to its purpose: the Harry Potter series was most commonly responsible for keeping my rapt attention into the wee hours of the morning.

I bring this up because these sort of late nights vanished as I matured into adulthood. I had all but forgotten about them until I picked up Felicia Day’s memoir You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost). Then, I found myself poring over every page, only occasionally allowing my eyes to slide over to the clock. I may not have read under my sheets (I am an adult now, I mean), but the feeling was similar: I was unable to the put the book down–unable to sleep–until I finished.

Most Anticipated Titles from E3 2015

E3, Recaps


Though E3 may have closed its doors nearly two weeks ago, the excitement has all but diminished. This was the strongest E3 since the current gen consoles were first unveiled, finally giving players some tantalizing titles to sink their teeth into.

Though I didn’t have the chance to attend this year, the press conferences were among the most memorable that I’ve ever seen. I whooped, I applauded, and…I may have even cried a little.

It’s taken me a while to process everything and construct a more rational representation of my enthusiasm. Below, I’ve listed my favorite titles shown at the Expo in no particular order.

Homesick Walkthrough



After reviewing Lucky Pause’s Homesick, it occurred to me that it’d be smart to write a basic walkthrough for the game, just to give an extra little push to any players that find themselves stumped. This guide focuses on the puzzles, so you won’t find a detailed breakdown of the in-game cipher (yet). I’ve arranged the breakdown of the puzzles by the areas that they’re found in, so that it’s easy to locate where you’re stuck and avoid any spoilers that you don’t want to see.

I strongly encourage you to take your time with this experience and use this walkthrough as an emergency reference. You will miss the story completely if you breeze through the game using this guide alone.


  1. General Hints
  2. First Area: Hallway
  3. Second Area: Common Room
  4. Third Area: Basketball Court
  5. Fourth Area: Piano Room
  6. Fifth Area: Fountain and Statues Room

Nerd It Through the Grapevine: May 2015



When applicable, I like to provide updates about what I’ve been doing outside of this blog. May was an especially productive month. I participated in a few new projects, started a few of my own, and wrote a lot of articles for SideQuesting. So, you can think of this as an ICYMI post that details my recent articles and projects.