Doctor Who Season 9 Thoughts: Sleep No More



“Sleep No More” is an interesting diversion from the usual Doctor Who formula. Using a found-footage format, the episode seeks to live up to the promise in its title by offering scares and spooks a-plenty. However, it proved to be a hard sale after the excellent Zygon two-parter.

If you want to know whether the episode kept me awake in fear or left me feeling crusty-eyed from boredom, keep reading. If you’re the sort to lose sleep over spoilers, stay away.

Doctor Who Season 9 Thoughts: The Zygon Invasion and Inversion



“The Zygon Invasion” and “The Zygon Inversion” are a power-house pair of episodes. Not only do they tackle a difficult topic, but they also continue the story of the 50th Anniversary episode in a satisfying fashion. Several familiar faces return, and other faces are hijacked by zygons in a decidedly less welcomed fashion.

Don’t read below the cut if you don’t wish to know who is human, who is zygon, and who may be both.

Fallout 4 Workshop Guide: Sanctuary Settlement Quest




Suffice to say, there’s a learning curve to Fallout 4‘s crafting feature. The Wasteland is a hard enough place to survive as it is; you don’t need obscure directions and a clunky interface to make things more difficult.

After fumbling through the “Sanctuary Quest,” I decided to put together a quick and dirty tutorial on what I learned in the process. I will primarily be focusing on the exact locations of your needed materials, so you can breeze through the quest and get to building your perfect settlement.