What The Biggest Games of 2016 Show Us About the Industry

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The following is a guest post written by Caroline. Caroline is a blogger who is passionate about gaming. She has been impressed with the year’s releases so far and is excited to see where the industry is headed in the future. You can read more of her work at Culture Coverage.

This year has been big for the development of the gaming industry at large, as we have seen some huge changes in the market so far. We’ve seen things such as the immense success of Pokémon Go and the surprisingly positive reception of remakes like Ratchet & Clank. The biggest games of 2016 have offered up some great insights about the current state of the gaming industry and where it’s going in the future.

Pokémon GO Guide: Tips and Tricks



Niantic’s Pokémon GO offers very little by way of tutorial. After capturing your first starter pokémon, the game flings you into the world with little explanation to how its interface or mechanics work. This is a disservice. Pokémon GO marks a fresh take on a beloved franchise, and so it necessitates a more comprehensive breakdown.

This post seeks to mitigate the game’s tutorial shortcomings with my own experience. Below are tips, tricks, and techniques that I’ve confirmed while staring down pokémon in my own office. While the early portion covers basic stuff, I’ve also included a few advanced tips to help out higher level trainers.

Announcing Flavor of the Geek Cast

E3, Recaps


I’m proud to announce the product of several months’ hard work. Last week marked the official launch of Flavor of the Geek Cast, a podcast for which I am co-host and co-producer along with three other brilliant individuals.

Flavor of the Geek takes the book club tradition and introduces it to geek culture. We discuss videogames, books, movies, tv series, and comics with an often analytical slant. In lieu of the E3 article that I usually post here, you can listen to my thoughts in our first  episode after the jump.

Getting Away from it all in Stardew Valley




There are games that I heavily associate with periods of my life, much in the same way that a certain mixtape can conjure memories of a summer vacation. These titles hold a cherished place in my memory for their confluence with other major events:  I played Dragon Age Inquisition while prepping for my general doctoral exams, which inspired me to refer to each exam as a “high dragon.” My dear friends introduced me to Minecraft after I had a benign mass surgically removed, and it impacted me so forcefully during my recovery that I dreamed about it (or perhaps that was the pain meds’ doing). I’ve played these titles since these formative moments, but their atmosphere and tone can still bring me back in time, connecting me to a past self.

Stardew Valley has similarly become entangled with the early leg of 2016. When the game was released, I expected to become hooked by the cheap reward system of farming and crafting. Stardew, instead, offered me a far greater panacea. In the idyllic escape offered by Pelican Town, I found a refreshingly positive and affirming outlook on life.